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Cork-Back Coaster

Cork-Back Coaster

Hello beverage coaster, goodbye mug stain! Introducing the long-awaited Cork-Back Coaster that’s designed to protect your countertops and furniture from spills and scratches. It’s crafted from genuine cork, hardboard, with a high-gloss coating that ensures a quality print. The coaster is heat-resistant, water-repellent, and easy to clean—just wipe it with a damp cloth. Add a vibrant design, a meaningful quote, or a photo to the coaster and pair it with your favorite mug or offer the item to your customers online.

  • Hardboard MDF 0.12″ (3 mm)
  • Cork 0.04″ (1 mm)
  • High-gloss coating on top
  • Size: 3.74″ × 3.74″ × 0.16″ (95 × 95 × 4 mm)
  • Rounded corners
  • Water-repellent, heat-resistant, and non-slip
  • Easy to clean


5–9 business days